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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels?

The only real difference is the type of hitch used to tow the trailer. Travel Trailers have a ball hitch like a conventional caravan, whereas a Fifth Wheel attaches to the towing vehicles bed using an articulated fifth wheel hitch.


Do your cars and trucks meet UK and European regulations?

All our UK supplied vehicles have full IVA test – MOT and Road Tax as applicable. All vehicles supplied in other EU member states are fully converted for road use within the particular country ready for the customer to register the vehicle (or we can arrange this at extra cost, please ask for details).


Can I tow an American unit on a normal driving licence?

Customers with category C1 + E on their full British driving licence can tow a Fifth Wheel and those with category B + E can tow an American Caravan. This category is on all pre 1997 licences and customers with a post 1997 licence who wish to tow can take another test to gain this category. In France, Spain and Germany you have no restrictions.


Can I tow an American Trailer using a non-American towing Vehicle?

In the UK providing that you choose the correct tow vehicle then you can. It’s quite obvious the normal saloon car will not tow the large units but can tow some of the small ones. A little research on your part would help your decision as legally we are not allowed to make such decisions on your behalf. In France, Germany and Spain the regulations are different in that they do not tell you which vehicle size you must have so it is simpler there, so you can tow with any suitable 4×4 or truck.


What is a Slideout and how does it work?

Slideouts are sections of the trailers side which extend out horizontally using a motor when the vehicle is stationary. This provides extra living space and adds around 2 to 3ft6 to the width of the trailer when out. The slideout is accommodated within the vehicles structure and is designed to fit around the furniture inside. The number of slideouts varies depending on the model, size and layout of the trailer. When it slides in it is flush with the side of the trailer.


What sizes of trailer do you offer?

In the Fifth Wheel range the sizes start at 8m to 16m and in caravan (Travel Trailer) range they start at 4.5m up to 13m.


What size trailer can be towed in the UK/Europe?

The maximum full train length (truck and trailer) that can be towed legally is 18m with the maximum trailer length of 13m x 2.55m wide.

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