American Fifth Wheels


American Fifth Wheels first began to become popular in the 1950’s and although equipped with some home comforts, they were much more Spartan affairs than today’s luxury travel homes.

Whereas travel trailers use a conventional ball hitch to attach to the towing vehicle, Fifth Wheels, as the name suggests, use an articulated ‘Fifth Wheel’ hitch. This limits the type of vehicle that can be used to tow a Fifth Wheel as you need a mini-articulated unit and in addition all Fifth Wheel units in the UK are now classified HGV Class 1 so this restricts the use for the normal driver as testing becomes very expensive. A normal caravan with slide outs, such as those we sell, does not have this problem and can be towed on a normal licence.

Another disadvantage is that nearly all Fifth Wheels have the bedrooms upstairs (over the articulated hitch) giving restricted ceiling height and making the bedroom very hot. This is as opposed to a slide-out caravan, such as those you will find on our website, that have a constant ceiling height and, in addition, are cheaper than Fifth Wheels.